Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We know that buying a playset is a big investment and you may not know everything. Here are some of the more common questions we receive. If you don’t see an answer, feel free to contact us and ask anything.

1. Does the area for the playset need to be level?

Yes. Backyard Discovery recommends the playset be positioned on a flat level area for maximum safety and durability. The stakes provided should be used to secure it firmly to the ground.

2. What size area is recommended for the playset?

Backyard Discovery recommends at least a 6’ (six foot) perimeter around and above the playset for maximum safety.

3. What age range is appropriate for the playsets?

Backyard Discovery playsets are recommended for children ages 3 – 10 years.

4. Is the wood treated with chemicals?

Backyard Discovery uses 100% Chinese Cedar wood which is naturally bug resistant, decay and rot resistant. To help ensure your child’s safety, our wood is completely chemical free and we do not use pressure-treated wood. The stain we use is a top coat using a water-based product that is for appearance only.

5. How often should the playset be stained?

Backyard Discovery recommends the playset be stained once each year. A water or oil based stain can be used at the customer’s discretion.

6. Why does it seem that my swing set is developing cracks?

Wood is a natural material; no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has its own characteristics and personality and reacts differently to climate changes. When any wood product is exposed to the elements, it develops “wood checks”. A check is the radial separation of the wood fibers running with the grain of the wood. These are caused by the varying
temperature and moisture conditions. A check is not a crack – it does not affect the strength or durability of the wood or structural integrity of the play set.

7. Do Backyard Discovery playsets come with a warranty?

Yes. All Backyard Discovery products carry a 1-year replacement warranty on all parts for manufacturer’s defect. Our wood carries a 5 year warranty on rot and decay as well. Please see warranty details for more information.

8. What is the best way to get started assembling the playset?

Backyard Discovery recommends taking all the parts out of the boxes and arranging them by part number before you begin any assembly. This will not only allow faster assembly, but will also identify any parts that may be missing or damaged so they can be replaced before assembly. If parts are missing or need replacement, go and follow the prompts to order them. Next, read the assembly manual and get the tools ready for the job as recommended in the manual. If the assembly manual is lost or misplaced a new one can be printed from Backyard Discovery’s website:

9. The playset seems to rock or sway too much. What’s wrong?

Rocking is caused by uneven ground or obstructions such as rocks, roots, etc. under the ground rails. These should be removed and the ground underneath re-leveled to prevent rocking. Also ensure the playset is securely staked to the ground using the stakes provided.

10. The 2”x4” boards do not measure 2”x 4”. Why not?

In the U.S. it is common practice to describe lumber dimensions using the rough cut sizes from the sawmill and not the finished dimensions. Retailers, home stores, etc. all use this accepted practice for describing lumber dimensions. However, Backyard Discovery playsets are designed and constructed using the actual dimensions so everything fits properly and remains so during the life of the playset.

11. The end beam is not straight up and down. Why not?

This is normal. Backyard Discovery designs playsets this way to ensure the strongest structure possible. The slight angle adds strength and reduces rocking and twisting.

12. The S-hooks for the swings won’t close. What is wrong?

Backyard Discovery recommends placing them on a hard surface such as concrete (don’t do this on anything that will dent such as metal or finished wood or glass which will break!). It will take quite a few strokes, but the hooks will close.